It IS the small things!

Steve and I are writing a song. Well, we are writing many songs at once, all of the time. A new one, entitled, It's Not the Things At All, is complete now and it reminds me that it is, in fact, the SMALL things TOTALLY!

Of course, in the upcoming song, we talk about the larger scale of human giving and that the "things" we focus on as a culture are not what really matter.

However, for me when writing, it is TOTALLY the teeny, tiny moments - the small things - that happen constantly to inspire an entire song. I can't think of a

moment in any given day that I am not stringing tiny moments into a song tapestry for later.

I am in love with the notion that we each process the same thing from an entirely unique point of view- experiencing anything with a perspective that is all our own. We all write our own song. I love that.

#Songwriting #backporchmusic #dolehumphries #giving

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