We are currently recording five new compositions, and one cover song. The first to be completed is "Awesometown" Lyrically an ode to a certain Southern California suburb. But it could be about pretty much anywhere in hometown USA. We really hope you enjoy it. It is available from download at Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Google music, and our CD Baby store listed under Alesia XO


Check back often for updates.

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Awesometown - AlesiaXO
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"Angel Above My Bed"

The song is powerful in a subtle sort of way, and that’s what makes it work. Alesia’s voice is incredible, and yet it appears to be an effortless performance for her; it sounds very natural, and those rare moments of gravel in the tone add so much to the feeling of the overall track.


It’s good to know there are artists writing songs like this and performing them with such genuine passion. The concept is simple, it stands out, it represents certain ideas and thoughts, and it’s expressed in a beautifully appropriate manner that makes you really want to listen a few more times

By Rebecca Cullen

Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.


Exposed Vocals

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